Monday, September 24, 2007

Bathroom Experiance.

So i was taking a poop today (girls wouldn't know what this is like. See the post "Girls Don't Actually Poop" for more info) in the men's stall. Someone came into the bathroom and tried to open the door to my stall. Realizing that the door was locked, he knocked on the door. Now the only physically possible way that that door could have been locked and no one was in there, would be if someone went into the stall, locked the door, then crawled under the door on the pee-stained floor. Is there someone at large at G~D~S doing this? Is there a masked bandit that sneaks into stalls when no one is looking, locks the door, and escapes underneath, never to be seen again? Now my second question is, if in fact the door was locked and no one was in there, would this knocker have actually crawled under the stall door just to take a poop himself? I mean, the handicapped stall is much nicer and roomier, but would it really be worth it? So to answer my questions, if there is in fact a masked stall-door-locking bandit afoot, and its worth it to sneak under the door to take a poop in the slightly larger stall, then this person was 100% correct to knock. But if this situation does not apply, I honestly don't know what this man was thinking.

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