Sunday, September 30, 2007

Poor Max!

So during our pregame prep for homecoming, Max and I went from CVS to CVS trying to find police costumes. After the 4th CVS (the one in Van Ness) we were both able to get costumes. At the brink of starvation, we decided to go to P/o/t/be/ll/y. Max was wearing his police costume but I was not, because I have dignity. We got to the sandwich works hoping that just maybe, just maybe we could get our sandwiches and leave. But what happened? Max was sexually harassed! The lady there kept commenting on how sexy Max was in his police costume. For a second we thought it might be a harmless compliment. But more and more, the lady took it up a notch, eventually commenting on how sexy Max would look if he did a strip-tease in that. Is that all you women see us as!?!? Objects!?! You women don't care how smart we are or how much we accomplish! We have worked hard to be on equal footing with women but all you think of us is objects that are better off dancing naked for your pleasure. Well did you know that it was MEN who invented things such as the CD case, combs, wind-up toys, and even picture frames! And men have made great strides in the fields of English and History, the REAL subjects. Some of the great works of literature we written by men. Sure that lady did give us free sandwiches, but by that point we were sick to our stomachs by this blatant harassment. I know I know, you women will say "oh please, Max wasn't sexually harassed, she just was flirting with him and you guys got free sandwiches out of it," but you women don't know just how hard it is to be a man. The Masculist movement is no joke and we will never get on equal footing with you women if you continue to just laugh at our cause. That's why I am forming a new club called Menner: The Men's leadership club. Maybe, just maybe, we can live in a world where men and women are equal. You women disgust me.

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