Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Conversation About Chinese Politics

Here's some background:

Hu Jintao is the President of China.
Wen Jiabao is the Premier of the State Council.
Xi (pronouced she) Jinping is the Top Ranking Member of the secritant.
Here's a typical conversation involving Chinese Politics:
"That's What Xi said."
"Wait, who said that?"
"No! Xi!"
"But When?"
"Not Wen! Xi!"
"But who is she?"
"Hu is not Xi!"
"Since when?"
"Wen is not involved!"
"Who decided that?"
"Wait, that dosent make sense. Who hired you?"
"I still don't follow. How long have you done this? Since When?"
"No, way before Wen."
"You should be fired."
"Who is Yu?"
"I give up."

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