Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Junior Fishes' Season Has Begun!

So my new Backyard baseball franchise is underway. The Junior Fishes consist of speedy Pete Wheeler at SS, rockin' Ahmed Khan at RF, his little brother Amir Kahn at 1b, powerful Keisha Phillips at CF, Slugger Pablo Sanchez at 2b, Jocina Smith at 3b, Mikey Thomas at C, Kenny Kawaguchi (hes in a wheelchair) at pitcher, and Dante Robinson in RF. Lookin swell in their shiny new uniforms, the Fish took the field for their first 6 inning game.

Game 1: Green Giants 3, Junior Fishes 2

The Fishes started of the season on a sour note, loosing 3-2 to the Giants. Trailing 2-0 early in the game, the Fishes looked terrible on defense, committing several errors and allowing the Giants to score on what should have been easy outs.

"We have to learn how to catch," said Jocinda Smith. "You cant expect to win when you don't catch"

Inspiring words from an inspiring lady. In the bottom of the 5th the Fish tied the game on Amir Khan's 2 run shot to right field. In the top of the 6th Kenny Kawaguchi gave up the go ahead run on a solo shot. When manager Alex was asked about whether Kenny's wheelchair maybe have gotten in the way, he had this to say.

"Yea, it probably did. I mean, who has ever heard of a handicapped kid playing baseball?"

in the bottom on the 6th it looked like the Fishes would come back. With a runner on second and 1 out, Pablo Sanchez hit what looked like a 2-run homer, but it hit the top of the wall and fell into play, leaving runners on second and third. The Fishes couldn't capitalize with runners in scoring position and and fell to the Giants 3-2.

Game 2: Junior Fishes 12, Yellow Hornets 3

The Khan brothers both homered and Keisha Philips added another two to lead the Fish to a monstrous 12-3 victory. Kenny Kawaguchi pitched 5 solid innings, giving up three runs.

"He's handicapable, what can I say?" said manager Alex.

This looked like a new team from the first game and not once did they ever let up. Through 2 games Mikey Thomas is hitting a perfect 4 for 4 with a homer.

"He's handicapable, what can I say?" said manager Alex.

The Junior Fishes were also honored today with the league diversity award, for having the greatest hodge-podge of players. The team consists of two Arabs, four African Americans, one handicapped Asian, one Latino, and one White man. Two of their players are also female.

"They're all handicapable, what can I say?" said manager Alex.

The Fish's next game is versus the Melonheads who are 1-1.

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getreprimanded said...

Keisha Phillips sucks. Her stance is so bad, she strikes out swinging on pitches over the middle of the plate. That just doesn't happen in Backyard Baseball.