Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Campaign Continues

As I stated earlier, I plan to run for President of the United Sates (See 'I am proud to announce my candidacy'). My mailbox has been flooded with question by both rich and poor, old and young, black and white, left and right. I feel that now is the time to answer some more of these questions.

Dr. Albert Smith of Austin, TX asks, "Hey Buster, just which party do you plan on representing?
Dr. Smith, the problem with America today is that all candidates commit to only one Party. I as President plan to attend several parties, or as I like to call them, shindigs. Just because I am President doesn't mean that I have to be a mean old grumpy man that can't have any fun. Even though I will be dealing with border security, the war in Iraq, and Health care, doesn't mean you won't see me droppin it like its hot, bustin a move, or popin and lockin, at the many local clubs this great nation has to offer.

Abdul Al-Sharee of Clearwater, FL asks, "Your platforms are complete jokes and make a huge mockery of our political system, do you take ANYTHING seriously?"

Yes I do. This Country is a great place filled with wonders both far and wide. However, there are several problems that this country faces. I plan to attack those problems one by one. America is like a beautiful woman. Other nations are afraid to to talk to it. It often gets away with things that other, more ordinary nations would get tickets for. It gives other nations a false sense of hope that maybe it likes them. Sometimes other nations try to ask it out on a date. But in the end, America knows it belongs to the handsome male country. However, none exist so America continues to be single. I hope this answers your question.

I now would like to take the time to introduce the logo of the Alex Zeldin for Presidency Campaign. Here it is. Ba da da da da da da, ba da da da da DAAAA!!!

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