Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The newest member of F/aysal's family: The next great explorer?

I think Faysal's new brother will be a great explorer, F/aysal on the other hand has a very specific idea of what his brother will be like.

TheNYknicks33 (10:55:46 PM): whens ur mom due?
Fizzil97 (10:56:33 PM): in like 10 days or so... she was at school today
TheNYknicks33 (10:56:38 PM): o really
TheNYknicks33 (10:57:14 PM): maybe the baby will be born on columbus day
TheNYknicks33 (10:57:28 PM): then u can call it Christopher Columbus Al-S/aba/h
Fizzil97 (10:58:08 PM): haha i think they'll really love it in kuwait
Auto Response from TheNYknicks33 (10:58:06 PM): AZeldin.blogspot.com
TheNYknicks33 (10:58:43 PM): he'll be the best Columbus Day present ever
Fizzil97 (10:59:04 PM): true
TheNYknicks33 (10:59:37 PM): he could become an explorer
TheNYknicks33 (10:59:42 PM): and find the new world
Fizzil97 (11:00:42 PM): i think we might be pushing it here... i feel offended that u believe all people born on Columbus Day are automatically good at exploring
Fizzil97 (11:01:00 PM): some people have probably dealt wit that stereotype all their life
TheNYknicks33 (11:01:58 PM): Fine
TheNYknicks33 (11:02:11 PM): He'll have a very bad sense of direction and always get lost on the beltway
TheNYknicks33 (11:02:26 PM): he wont know his 495 east from his 495 west
TheNYknicks33 (11:02:46 PM): hell have no sense of geography and mistake Ohio for Texas on a map
TheNYknicks33 (11:03:06 PM): He wont learn his rights from his lefts till hes 14
Fizzil97 (11:03:20 PM): wat so arabs have no sense of direction?
Fizzil97 (11:03:27 PM): is that what ur suggesting
TheNYknicks33 (11:03:25 PM): fine
TheNYknicks33 (11:03:43 PM): hell have a moderatly good sense of direction, but not good eneough to go find new worlds
TheNYknicks33 (11:04:00 PM): he will be able to navigate through traffic and find shortcuts, but only if hes been there before
Fizzil97 (11:04:18 PM): fine... thats better

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