Sunday, November 18, 2007

You Khan Do it!

Team MVP Achmed Khan powered the Junior Fishes (See 'The Junior Fishes season has begun for more info) to win the Ultra Grand Championship of the Universe. Never having lost since the first game, the Junior Fishes' sucess story is one for the ages. Sports commentator Vinny the Gooch described it the best: "Sweet as Candy I tell Ya! I like Candy! Everybody Likes candy! That's why halloween is such a popular holiday."

The Fishes look forward to next season, where they will be playing in a new league, one with major league players as kids (thanks to me finding the byb 2001 disc). Since the league has been ruled too easy for the Fishes, the pitch locator will be turned off, so there will be zero guidance as to where the ball will actually land. Vinny the Gooch liked the change: "The Gooch likes that! Yea, Gimme some more of that." Until next season.

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