Monday, December 3, 2007

You know you go to GeeDeeEsss when...

you have to be a closeted homophobe.

your math teacher answers his cell phone in class three times.

your first period teacher makes your class coffee.

your student lounge has a High Definition Plasma TV in it.

your school has 450 students, four computer labs, two mobile labs, and they lock you out of all of them.

your science lab has a plaque on the wall that says "the Bunsen burners were donated by the Lebowitz family."

getting into the University of Maryland is the end of the world.

your day sucks because you cant drive your BMW in the middle of the day.

no matter what you do is racist.

your in Washington DC yet there are almost no hispanics in sight.

the most important life decision you have to make is whether to apply ED to Yale or Brown.

the trophy case is empty.

Peral Harbor day is Transgender Awareness day.

people complain they took down the racing stipe that no one noticed.

you can leave your 2500 laptop in the middle of the hallway and get suprised when it gets stolen.

People meow online.

You can invite your principal to instant message in the middle of Stats Class.

Every week some group is being remembered (next week its Central Asian mixed with sub saharan jewish african parapalegic rememberence week)

There are girls on the wrestling team.

You could force five people in a room, starve them, have them beat one another with crowbars, drop tear gas inside, make them huddle together so their body heat will prevent them from freezing to death, and theyd still find a way to form cliques.

They schedule Science Fiction literature and AP Phyics at the same time.

Much thank to Dadia N/amato for the idea and some of the bits!


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i go to gds. we have never spoken before. your blog is the funniest thing ever.

chaka khan said...

u da man

Anonymous said...

omg so true that its sad

AZeldin said...

gee thanks everyone!

use ur names next i can be sure to give you a big hug!

fly guy said...

hey i'm hispanic

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-julia coursey