Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Dialogue

"Excuse me?"
"Poop," he said.
"Yea...What about it?" I asked.
"It's smelly."
"Mr. President, please, this is a very important meeting."
"How do you figure?"
"Well I am the president of China."
"I just declared war on you. You call me here to negotiate but all you do is make references to fecies."
"But it's April Fools day."
"No it's not."
"How do you figure?"
"Its October 3rd."
"Generally April Fools day is celebrated April 1st."
"I see...What about on leep years?"
"Still April 1st."
"Well then, time to negotiate. What do you want in exchange for peace?"
"Idaho, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and season tickets to an NBA team of my choice."
"Which team?"
"The Grizzlies."
"No deal."
"Fine. How about the Trail Blazers?"
"How about a 10 game plan?"
"Does that come with playoff priotities?"
"You would enter a pool."
"How big is this pool?"
"Olympic sized."
"Only one."
"So no war?"
"No war."
"Glad thats settled. Wanna get some pizza?"
"Not particularly."
"Why not."
"Just ate recently. Had some peanut butter."
"I see."
"Well then."
"This is goodbye."
"Ditto, Mr. President. Ditto."


TRUTHIES said...

This is wannabee Zach Prill.

zlprilla said...

i know seriously. id love to know who truthies is. reveal yourself!