Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Geography Jokes

-What did the Arab say when his mom grounded him?

-What did the Gay Arab say when he finally found a Gay bar?
-Yemen! (Faysal's Joke)

-What did the Arab say when his friend Cooper outran him?
-Ku, wait for me!

-What did the Polish guy say at the burger joint in Athens?
-Look at all this Greece!

-What did the Israeli say after the Polish guy told him a secret?
-I have to Tel-Aviv!

-What did the Arab farmer say when sheep started falling from the sky?
-What is this, Bah-rain?

-What did Ahmahenejad say at age seven when his dad told him he wasnt getting enough excersize?
-I ran this morning!

-What did the Carolinian say when his favorite baseball team was loosing in the ninth inning?
-We need a Raleigh!

-Where did the letter z move to after being kicked out of the alphabet?
-New Zealand! (Faysal's Joke)

-What did the Indian say when he got hungry?
-Where's the New Delhi?

-What did the President of South Korea say when he was losing in the general elections?
-I'd sell my Seoul for a second term

-What did the Jewish guy say at the Cuban Bar Mitzvah?
-Havana Negila!

-Whats superman's favorite city?
-Cape Town!

-What did the Senegalian say when his best friend asked him if he'd seen his lost iPod?
-It's in Dakar!

-Whats the Polish Army's favorite weapon?
-The Warsaw!

-what did the Arab guy say when his wife asked if she should purchase some eggs?
-Please Du Bai some eggs!

-What did General Patreus say to his father when asked about the current state of Iraq?
-It's in the Baghdad!

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