Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Predictions for 2009

So I don't generally do this because no one can predict the future except for those tarot card readers in Chinatown, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and make some predictions for 09.

Blue Jeans Will Remain in Style

For the 53rd year in a row, Jeans will be in style. I know some experts think otherwise, but I'm gonna go out and right now and say that is false. If you take a look at the trends, everything points to Jeans being around for at least one more year.

Cricket Will Not Surpass Football in Popularity

Cricket is plain boring, and although the Sri Lankns love it, it's not going to pick up speed in the United States.

Some Children Will be Named Peter

It's a very common name, and biblical too. So alas, there will be more Peters.

No Child Will Legally be Named "Cup Cake"

Whereas Peter is a good name, Cup Cake is a bad one. No parent could possibly doom their child for a life of ridicule and teasing, it's unethical.

Harvard Will Be Very Difficult to Get In To

Their acceptance rate is generally small, and 2009 will be no different.

There Will be No Summer Olympic Games

Moving the Olympics forward three years during this economy? No way, sir.

HGTV will not Televise the Super Bowl

It has nothing to do with the home or the garden.

Someone Will Purchase a Telescope

Probably one who is interested in the stars.

Ringo Starr Will Not Join The Jonas Brothers

He's not one of their brothers nor would he really fit in.

Ketchup Will Often Be Served With Mustard

It's a winning combination.

This Blog Will Be Updated Very Sporadically

But I'll keep you posted.

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Aaron said...

I disagree. If Paris Hilton ever reproduced (knock on wood), I could her pulling that shit of naming her child legally "cup-cake". I mean that child would have more money than she knows what to do with plus a milf, so I'm sure she will be popular with the boys.