Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Like It!

So it's a rare occurrence when Honothan J/irch makes a good point, but the other day he brought to my attention the new "I like it" feature on facebook, and the possibilities for misinterpretation.  Also, why isn't there a dislike feature?  Anywho, here's how you shouldn't use the like (and dislike) feature, and when not to include a comment.

Gregory and Mildred ended their relationship
-Alex likes this!
"Aw helz yea!  I've been tryin to tap dat azz since da dey I was born!  Yo Mildred  I'm game if you are!"

Pedro got promoted
-Alex dislikes this!
"Are you fuckin serious!?  I've been working at BusinessCorp for ten more fuckin years than you!  The only reason your lazy ass got that promotion was because of affirmative action!"

Beth is feeling lonely
-Alex likes this!
"Well maybe you shouldn't have fuckin rejected me in the 6th grade bitch!"

Jacob QuassamCount: 5 more rockets fired into Israel Sunday, making that 3654 since 2001.
-Alex likes this!
"Kill those fuckers!"

Arnold wants everyone to know he's back in town!
-Alex is neutral
"Well, no one ever hangs out with you anyway, so how does that affect our lives?"

Beatrice is hungry
-Alex likes this
"Great! More cushin for the pushin!"

Cindy was tagged in an album
-Alex dislikes this
"Holy Shit! The Grand Fuckin Canyon! My life is complete now that I can see you, Grandma Flo, and Uncle Jerry next to a big fuckin hole!"

Betty is attending hug an asian day
-Alex doesn't know what to say
"Honestly, I don't know what to say"

Dale is new baby pics!
-Alex dislikes this!
"You know he's not yours..."

Graham and Alice are now friends
-Alex dislikes this!
"Great! My best friend from childhood and the girl I've had a crush on for the past 6 years met on an airplane, then hooked up in the lavatory!  My life couldn't get any worse!"

Fiona loves her biggg
-Alex likes this!
"The thought of you two loving each other makes me happy!"

However, there is always one time when you can't go wrong with the like feature:

Alex is
-Everyone likes this!

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