Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cleveland Indians Change Logo

Due to intense criticism over the past several years, the Cleveland Indians today announced that they will be changing their mascot, logo, and color scheme indefinitely to reflect the changing times and to shy away from the negative portrayal of American-Indians in sport.

"We as an organization felt Chief Wahoo had ran his course as the face of the Indians organization," said Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan in a press conference. "However, we know the fine citizens of Cleveland are passionate about the Indians name and because of this, we wanted to find a solution that stayed true to the fine history of our organization and at the same time, could not possibly be seen as racist."

With that, the Indians introduced their new logo.

Sanjay, as he will be known, is the new official face of the Indians. He will appear on all Indians caps, uniforms, and merchandise.

"Sanjay will finally allow our American-Indian fan base to breath easy, as our new mascot does not portray any group of human beings negatively or in a false light."

Chief Wahoo fans will be happy to know he will not be retired. The Indians AA affiliate, the Akron Aeros, will be renamed the Akron Injuns, and adopt Chief Wahoo as their mascot. Injuns owner Mike Agganis declined to comment.


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